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8 Week Bootcamp

Live Your Legacy

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Learn why the results you're getting out of life may look good on paper but aren't satisfying inside. This process will help you slow down and take a step back so you can get foundational perspective before advancing.

You will learn how to live a surrendered life that's free from the expectation of performance while raising your standards for yourself as a person. This disarming environment with like-minded on a similar journey will help you get focused and show up authentically. Grow in hearing God’s voice while developing healthier relationships and authentic confidence that comes from taking action and building momentum. This personal, comprehensive approach includes mindset shifts as well as practical application.

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This program is a good fit if you:

  • Feel guilty about or disconnected from what others would say is a "great life" of privilege and accomplishment
  • Have spent most of your life living without boundaries, and it's now costing your health, peace and relationships
  • Relate to God as a Father but still struggle to believe and behave as though He wants what's best for you
  • Experience more fear than freedom when making important decisions in career, relationships and money
  • Desire to be more present, proactive and purposeful but feel stuck or stagnant because you've lost or never had the established trust and healthy environment to really hear from God with accountability to take action

Build Your Life From A New Foundation

“I’ve done the counseling, inner-healing, coaching, etc. They’re good but they didn’t really work. What this program offers is so unique — I’ve never seen anything else like it. And the results have already paid off five or ten decisions I’ve made.”

- Johnmark

“If you have internal questions that you can’t seem to figure out how to answer on your own, TJ is your guy. Working with TJ has been one of the best investment decisions I’ve ever made.”

- Anne

“My work with TJ has been so multifaceted over the last couple years. When I first contacted him I thought I wanted to simply better position myself for a career that aligned with more purpose. But I quickly learned there was a lot more that needed to be addressed beneath the surface...starting with my health, peace and confidence.”

- Reid

"So freeing! Very sincerely I say this program is the first time in my life I've been able to put it all out there and not feel judged, less than, criticized and/or told what I 'wanted to hear' vs. truth simply because it was easier for the other person."

- Lin

"There are 3 things that have had a huge impact on my life...and number one is this program...[TJ and his team] have pointed and continue to point me to Jesus."

- Adelaide

"If you are looking for best-in-class life coaching from a Jesus-led perspective, this is it."

- Jena

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