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3 Things To Never Feel Guilty For

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Are you still waiting for permission to not feel guilty?

Here's three things to never feel guilty for:

  1. The life you've been given
  2. Changing for the better
  3. The life you desire

I'll elaborate on that third point because this can get confusing quickly.

Desires can be true or twisted.

When true desires are unmet, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied, our pure aspirations can become twisted or unhealthy.

Example A: Pornography. This is a twisted or unhealthy expression of a true desire for intimacy.

Example B: Greed. This is a twisted or unhealthy expression of a true desire for money.

Many of our conversations begin with people saying they "don't know what they want". But - in most cases - what has actually happened is that they've learned to disconnect from their true, God-given aspirations. This is what happens when someone experiences loss and disappointment.

In one example, let's look at someone who has developed a terribly unhealthy relationship with money. Although they're not struggling with greed, they have a twisted desire stemmed from pious generosity. They've given away most of their income because they didn't want anything to do with money. And while their charity is applauded by many, the motivation isn't healthy. Which means, deep down, this person is struggling. Fortunately, this becomes clear to them after they see why they've "rejected money". Subconsciously, because of their upbringing, this person had associated more money with a broken family. This is expected in a culture that associates more money with more freedom and being happy. But emotional absence and the lack of physical presence from parents who are overworking will pay its toll on every family. Which is why we then invite God's perspective about what happened. We've often seen how just one God-insight removes bitterness and frees people up to see the practical changes they need to make.

In a different example, let's look at someone who rejects their true desires to get healthy or pursue what they believe is their calling simply because it might set them apart from their friends or family. Some might say this person has admirable loyalty. But loyalty is often just a mask covering what's really happening when people are living under the fear of others' opinions. Which is why it's important to then recognize who you've given authority to. And then break those agreements so you can do what you need to do.

If you're reading, my guess is you're looking for what to do. How do you know what desires are true?

  1. Talk with Jesus and ask for a pure heart.

  2. Remember that He's the potter and you're the clay; and clay can't be molded unless it's moving; so, get moving.

  3. As you move forward, don't give people authority make you feel guilty. You're not your past. You're not your family. You are who God says you are. Bring your desires to Him, and ask for Him to help you trust what He's put in your heart. Then pursue them, with courage.

The life you desire is waiting for you. And it starts with allowing God to show you what's true to you.

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