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7 Ways To Become A More Powerful Person


Would you like to become the powerful person God has made you to be?

I was fake powerful. Have you ever met a fake powerful person? Don't let the mask fool you.

Here’s what I’ve learned about what truly powerful people do:

1. They have security in their identity.

Powerless people rely on temporary things like money, job titles, and image for their confidence.

Powerful people actively seek security in the identity God gave them. Whether it brings them confidence or not.

2. They can accept things they don't want to see.

Powerless people avoid, reject or overlook their unhappiness and other negative emotions.

Powerful people are able to accept their unhappiness and other negative emotions. Then do something about it.

3. They understand their responsibility.

Powerless people make decisions based on what will make other people happy.

Powerful people understand they're not responsible for other people's happiness.

4. They do what it takes to be healthy.

Powerless people let fear paralyze them and blame their job, money or even other people for their own inaction.

Powerful people recognize they don't have all the answers, but they do have the choice to break unhealthy patterns and live the life they're made to live. Even if it means they need to get help from someone else.

5. They live in humility.

Powerless people think they know everything about the problems they're facing, and allow their own narratives to keep them from seeing what they don't know that could actually set them free.

Powerful people are aware of their own limits and genuinely open to the fact that what they don't know is far greater than what they know.

6. They approach their life through a service mentality.

Powerless people manipulate other people to get what they want.

Powerful people serve other people to get what they want.

7. They know real power is found internally.

Powerless people are powerful from the outside-in.

Powerful people are powerful from the inside-out.

I believe we're all made to be more powerful people but we're often misguided about what that looks like.

How can you become a more powerful person today?

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