How to Know When Worry is Useful So You Can Stop Wasting Your Time

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Is your worry useful?

The fact is we all face worry. And, like most things, it's how we handle it that counts.

So, in this week's episode on my podcast I've focused on not just what worry is, but also how we can handle it.

Did you know not all worry is equal?

Some worry serves as a "signal".

Other worry serves as "noise".


= Productive worry

= Taking action will result in a benefit to you (e.g., you worry about skin cancer so you put sunscreen on)


= Non-productive worry

= Taking action will not result in a benefit to you (e.g., you wake up at 3AM to fester in your thoughts about whether that e-mail you sent had the wrong title in the subject line, and what your boss might think when they open it)

The goal is to learn what thoughts are a waste of your time (and energy).

Stay away from the noise. It's the signals that count.

Dive deeper into this topic with the episode titled “Worry” now available on my podcast. 

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