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What's An Identity Crisis?

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

You don't have to be middle-aged to have an identity crisis.

An identity crisis is a security crisis. It's like you lived your whole life in a house that didn't have an actual security system. It just had that cheap sign out front that said "Warning: Security System". Then, one day, someone breaks in…

Maybe you lose everything. Or maybe you don't lose anything except your confidence. But - in either case - you've had your awakening.

As you think through what to do, you realize you can't just 'move'. And you can't just replace what's missing. It could happen again. Right?

Knowing you can't control everything in life, confusion sets in. Things that once worked - like 'working' or 'buying' your way out of your problems - no longer work.

You decide you need to change your 'habits'. But eventually you realize a change in behaviors can only take you so far...because you still have unrest in your heart.

What you really need is a new perspective. And an attitude shift.

Getting control of your life starts with getting control of your mind. When you have the right perspective, change starts to happen over time. But it's a process. And you have to be willing to submit yourself to that process - with thankfulness*, and an open-mind*. You need both to move forward...

I once heard, "A man without a vision for the future is a man who returns to his past."

You've got to create a new vision for the future. But that might require you to take a good look at your past to understand what you can learn from it. Don't let history repeat itself.

Let these questions about your identity bring you into a season that allows you to become the person you're made to be.

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