5 Quotes to Change the Way You Think About How You Lead Your Life and Career


Do you ever feel like you've got more to give?

The way we think affects the way we live. So here's some of my best #freefood for thought. Use these insights to help you think more constructively about success vs. failure, career trajectory, personal relationships, and more.

Remember, life’s like an empty jar — you get out what you put in. The more you water these seeds, the more you’ll get from life and work you lead.

1. Differentiate Yourself in Business

“Who you are will take you further than what you do.”

We've been trained to pay extra attention to our resume when preparing for interviews.

But we’re not the only applicant with “relevant work experience”. So wouldn't it make more sense to pay extra attention to what actually differentiates us? Wouldn't it make more sense to know how our story has shaped our character instead of our competence?

Remember, any good hiring manager knows character flaws are a company’s greatest risk. Nobody goes to jail for a mistake in the Excel model. Unless they lie about it...

2. Make Better Life Decisions

“Know your priorities, and prioritize them.”

When was the last time you felt resentment about a decision you made?

The reality is, whether "right" or "wrong", we don't resent decisions when we feel we're being “true to ourselves".

The problem is most of us don’t know who we are without describing what we do. So it's hard to know what we truly value.

Too often we find ourselves making decisions our hearts aren’t in. We’re considering outcomes rather than alignment. We think performance is the priority. But that’s EXACTLY WHY so many are feeling SUCCESSFULLY UNFULFILLED. They’re accomplished in what they do, but not aligned with who they are.

Remember, integrity, compassion, vulnerability, and the hopeful nature of OUR CHARACTER is where we’ll find true value. So we should be making it a priority to surround ourselves with people don’t just focus on what we “do”.

3. Live Without Resentment

“Your boundaries set you free.”

We need more personal boundaries if we want live a less resentful life.

A confident “no” today allows a more willing “yes” tomorrow.

Many of us want to “be there for others”. But too many of us are willing to do it at our own expense. While it’s admirable, and sometimes necessary, it’s not a sustainable.

Over time, people who don’t live with personal boundaries start to become compliant slaves instead of compassionate volunteers. And while they’re externally compliant, they also become internally resentful.

At the root of this mentality is a fear of how people might perceive us. But the reality is people perceive us based on how we perceive ourselves. It’s true, we can still be a committed friend without showing up to a last minute invitation for drinks with the boys.

4. Find Happiness in Your Success

“It’s not about ‘doing what you love’. It’s about letting go of the idea that you need to ‘do what you can’t.’”

Where do you get your motivation? The doubters? The haters?

Many people seek SUCCESS with the WRONG MOTIVATION. They think they need to “do what they can’t” because their parents, teachers, coaches or friends never thought they could. Or would!

Being driven by others means we GAVE OTHERS the DRIVER SEAT to OUR LIFE.

What does it look like when we GIVE them control?

We live a fear-driven life, afraid of what others think if we fail. Or, worse, we’re afraid of what WE THINK of OURSELVES if we don’t succeed.

So while we should “do what we love”, we’ll never ENJOY it unless we FIRST LET GO of the IDEA that WE HAVE to “do what we can’t”.

5. Own Your Potential

“You’ll never realize the value of what you’ve got unless you take the risk to confidently own it.”

In London they’re calling us “Generation Rent”. They’re talking about “Millennials” in the context of the housing market. But homes aren’t the only thing we’re renting…

Too many of us are afraid of taking the risk to confidently OWN our gifts and talents. We might “say” they’re ours, but we don’t act like it.

Some are waiting for permission. Others think they need to earn the right to use what they already have!


Whether it’s an eye for design, giving great hugs, or speaking truth into people’s lives. Do your thing. And do it with confidence.

Remember, humility is being no more OR LESS than who you truly are.

So take stock of what you have. And start living with confidence in the best, true you.