Welcome to Yourself (4-Weeks)

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Welcome to Yourself is a life-changing, four-week experience. This interactive online self-discovery program is designed to help you learn how to live your life with more confidence, clarity, freedom and fulfillment. You'll discover more about who you are, what you're made for, and how you're going to live the vision you create for your life. Most of all, you'll have fun, make friends, and get focused.

This program is for those who are motivated and committed to learning more about themselves, and how they can make necessary positive change to their lives. Packed with powerful tools for self-discovery, the main focus of this four-week course is to unlock potential that is limited by unhealthy relationships with yourself, your job, or others. By the end you'll have the right mindset, tools, and sustainable support to help you implement changes needed to become the person you know you can be.

Here's a few examples of questions you might have coming into the program:

  • “How can I feel more clear, and less fear?”
  • “How can I live my life being honest to who I am? What's my passion? What's my purpose?”
  • “Sure, I'm 'successful'. But something's missing and I can't put a finger on it. Is there an answer? Are there concrete solutions?”
  • “I want to bring my best self to my work and family. I know what I'm capable of but I often second guess myself. Why is that? And how do I make a sustainable change to get my confidence back?”


  • More confidence in who you are, and what you're made for
  • Renewed energy to play bigger and ignite the spark in others
  • Deeper personal insight and clarity that leads to life-changing transformation
  • Knowledge on how you're going to live with greater peace, freedom and contribution


  • Max 10 applicants accepted for each four-week program
  • 2-3 sessions each week, including two group and one individual
  • Must have strong commitment to invest in yourself, but with a team player mentality
  • Fit is a priority but if you feel like this program could be for you then be sure to apply


  • Custom frameworks designed for you
  • Interactive mindset training
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Actionable next steps

Questions? Send me a note.

Life-changing insights and direction.
— Charles, Associate at Goldman Sachs
Anyone considering an MBA needs to do this.
— Felipe, Analyst at SMBC
One hour with TJ was more eye-opening and insightful than a lifetime of therapy. TJ helped me simplify what I had been struggling to vocalise for much of my life.
— Megan, Operations Manager at Anya Hindmarch