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What's life coaching?

Life coaching is goal-oriented, and results-focused. It's not meant to replace the practices or benefits of therapy, counseling, or other similar services. But the growing demand for life coaches reflects the increased attention to overall mental health, similar to the recent focus on physical health and nutrition.

If you want to fulfill your potential, life coaches are here to help improve your mindset with proven strategy to create behavior that reflects more intentional living. We want you to succeed and, ultimately, enjoy the life and career you lead.

What can you expect?

Many of my clients experience life-changing breakthrough. Think significant shifts, not silver bullets.

Through interactive self-discovery techniques, you can expect to discover more about who you are, why you're here and how to overcome personal challenges and limiting beliefs. You'll know when you've found your breakthrough. Many express feelings about how they can now live their life with more confidence, clarity, freedom and fulfillment.

What's the process?

We aim for fresh perspective that leads to action, not simply more information you could get from reading online.

I use a simple process of clear goal-setting, deep listening, judgement-free questioning, and strategic frameworks with action items. Expect to use powerful tools for self-discovery, with a focus to unlock your potential that may be limited by unhealthy relationships with yourself, your job, or others.

By the end you'll have the right mindset, tools, and sustainable support to help you implement changes needed to become the person you know you can be. Click here to read testimonials.

Who's it for?

First, there's a few things I look for:

  1. You have to be committed to positive change in your life.
  2. You have to believe you're coachable, resourceful, and capable.
  3. You have to be willing to invest in your future, understanding we are "partners" in a process of defining and finding success on your own terms.

Most people I get to work with are high-perfomers who are near burnout, stuck, overwhelmed or unclear about their future. Some are entrepreneurs, others are in the corporate world. But all of them are super driven and want to channel their ambition in a way where they feel more aligned and satisfied in their every day life.

We're a good fit if you're motivated to learn more about yourself, and committed to achieving a greater quality of life.

Here's a few examples of questions you might have before taking your free assessment:

  • “How can I feel more clear and less fear?”
  • “How can I live my life being honest to who I am? What's my passion? What's my purpose?”
  • “Sure, I'm 'successful'. But something's missing and I can't put a finger on it. Is there an answer? Are there concrete solutions?”
  • “I want to bring my best self to my work and family. I know what I'm capable of but I often second guess myself. Why is that? And how do I make a sustainable change to get my confidence back?”


  • More confidence in who you are, and what you're made for
  • Renewed energy to take action and ignite "the spark" in others
  • Deeper personal insight and clarity that leads to life-changing transformation
  • Knowledge on how you're going to live with greater peace, freedom and contribution


  • Custom frameworks designed for you
  • Interactive mindset training
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Actionable next steps

Questions? Ask!

Life-changing insights and direction.
— Charles, Associate at Goldman Sachs
Anyone considering an MBA needs to do this.
— Felipe, Analyst at SMBC
One hour with TJ was more eye-opening and insightful than a lifetime of therapy. TJ helped me simplify what I had been struggling to vocalise for much of my life.
— Megan, Operations Manager at Anya Hindmarch