A $ story...

Click the pic to watch the recorded live video from Thursday...(watch all the way through)

Click the pic to watch the recorded live video from Thursday...(watch all the way through)

Newcomers, welcome.

I'd like you to know the purpose of this post before you watch the video...

Earlier this week I was talking with an actor named Jake in Bushwick.

Jake was telling me about his "crazy teacher" who taught Michael Douglas, Denzel Washington, and a whole list of other celebrities.

At 95 years old, you can imagine the "crazy teacher" is pretty set in his ways. He likes what he knows. So all of his students normally read from scripts he knows well.

Jake shared a story about a time he chose to read a new script in class... A script the "crazy teacher" didn't know...

Flustered, the "crazy teacher" stood up, yelled and started flailing his arms.

The whole class stopped. You could have cut the tension with a knife.

Jake thought he'd made the "crazy teacher" upset because of the script he chose. Then, after about 30 seconds of yelling, he started to see what was going on...

The "crazy teacher" was acting how he knew Jake's character should act.

The "crazy teacher" knew Jake was holding back...

If I look back over my life, the best teachers are the ones who play the part themselves. And sometimes it can seem a little crazy.

In this video, and all my more vulnerable messaging, I know it can seem a little crazy to share the things I do. I use social media to show you the things REAL PEOPLE go through. There's no shame in your past. There's no shame in your present. We all make mistakes. And we'll all find ourselves in challenging times throughout life. But it's during our tough times that we need to have the MOST confidence in our HOPE for the good things to come. Those hopeful thoughts bring life-changing action. Like starting an international speaking series with no speaking experience.

Now it's easy to share that "stay positive" message when you're standing at the top of the mountain. But how often do you hear it from someone who's still walkin' through the valley?

Take it from the guy walkin' right next to you. No matter where you are on your climb, your faith (not mine) will carry you through.

This video shares a $ story about what faith practically means to me. But it's worth thinking about the question: What's faith to you?