You're the unleavened bread of the world.

The Rugrats can explain. (Click the pic)

The Rugrats can explain. (Click the pic)

You have PERMISSION to remove the pedestals you've placed under other people in your life.

I'm talking about your favorite celebrity. Your boss. Your professor. Your friend. Even your father. Or mother.

I know we all want someone to look up to. But LOOKING UP MEANS we're NOT LOOKING IN. So while we focus on the person THEY ARE, we miss the opportunity to see the person WE WANT to be.

Many of today's high-performing students and young professionals are HUNGRY to find the person they want to be. What they REALLY want is their OWN identity. They want to KNOW who THEY are and where THEY'RE going.

But while they're creating their own path, they're also creating others' pedestals. And it shows.

Here's the thing: They're not the only ones!

All of us, myself included, have put others ABOVE ourselves. In our careers, especially. Whether in thoughts, words, or deeds.

The problem is sometimes we raise people who don't come back down. So, over time, we get used to living beneath them. We start believing we were created to live on different levels. The different levels WE created.

That's WHY celebrities become "untouchable". And billionaires do the "impossible".

WE BUILD the pedestals they stand on!

But there are people who choose to lower themselves by raising others. We call them "grounded".

They're the kind of peers, professors, mentors or managers who EMPOWER you to STAY TRUE. They're SECURE enough to GIVE CREDIT when due. They're AWAKE, and they SEE GREATNESS INSIDE YOU.

I see it too.

You're the unleavened bread of the world. So, go. Show people how to get on your level.

Speaking of levels. I'm over the moon after my visit to Virginia Tech last week. I LEARNED SO MUCH from all the hungry students and entrepreneurs who gave me permission to speak into their lives. What they didn't realize is that their presence and curiosity is what gives meaning to my life.

If you're a new reader from last week's visit, welcome. You've joined a community of seekers, leaders and influencers like you. It's filled with a rich network of people from all kinds of backgrounds. And they have DEEP WISDOM to share.

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