You never wanted to be crabby.

For the record, crabs aren't my first choice of food. But they still serve their purpose...

For the record, crabs aren't my first choice of food. But they still serve their purpose...

Somewhere inside each of us is an honest desire to become the best person we can be.

This journey towards POSITIVE personal GROWTH often means a CHANGE to the way we live. But WE RESIST IT.

We don't stop doing things we know we shouldn't. We don't start doing things we know we should!


Sometimes, in order to grow, we have to leave behind something – or many things – that no longer suit us.

"Crabs instinctively know this truth about growing. They know that without letting go of their old shell, they’ll never grow a new and improved one.

Unlike most animals that grow as an entity during their lifespan, crabs, with their hard outer shells, cannot. [Their] shell stops growing when it gets to a certain size.

[So], crabs have to shed their outer shell in order to grow a new one. They have to leave the old behind in order to step into something new and better.

But as human beings, we tend to resist change – especially when it involves leaving behind a part of us.

We need to learn from the crabs and let go of the old." - A wise Rabbi

Here's the thing: Whether we want it or not, our past will always be a part of us. So don't waste energy trying to carry it!

How do you let go?

START with more vulnerability.

Vulnerable is from the Latin word vulnerare, which means ‘to wound'.

We all have wounds of our past. And they won't heal unless we give them air to breathe!

We need to BE REAL with ourselves, and others, about the not so great things of our past. But we need to be real in the RIGHT way. More Honesty + Less Judgment = Better MINDSET. That's HOW we let go. Actually, it's how we GROW. And it's the FIRST STEP to becoming the BEST person we can be.

In the last year I've had many 1-on-1 talks with people who end up sharing something from their past for the VERY FIRST TIME in their life! But that's RARELY how the conversations start. Normally they're looking for more "purpose", or more "self-confidence", or more "direction", or more "relief from anxiety". Things like that.

It takes time and (sometimes) help to get to the core of our honest self. But once you do you'll find breakthrough. And then you're FREE.

We're not so crabby when we're free. Now THAT'S something EVERYONE should be.

What are you holding on to that's preventing you from becoming your best you?