How to think about money...


Last week I wrote about “letting go” of the idea we need to “do what we can't”. Because we can't fully be free to "love what we do” unless we get past the idea we have something to prove.

Glad we cleared that up.

For the record, this whole idea of “letting go” is a struggle for me too…

This week I want to talk about money.

One of the main reasons people have a death grip on their money is because they fear letting go means losing control.

They don't know how their dollar will be spent if they hand it to the homeless man on the street. So, instead, they sit on their cash.

Why do we want so much control over "OUR" money?

Because we earned it. And / or still think money is a scarce resource.

We’ve been taught the value of a hard earned dollar. And there’s truth to that. It has value. And it’s hard to earn. Sometimes.

What’s more important is how we think about a “return”. Not “how hard it is” to earn.

Just remember what a mentor once told me: “Money is like sh**. If you pile it up and let it sit there, then it’ll start to stink. But if you spread it around like fertilizer, then more sh** starts to grow!”

I'm not suggesting you go fertilize every empty cup the street. (You know what I mean.) But I am suggesting the only way to get more is to let go.

The trick is to stop thinking of it as "your" money...