You don't need to leave your job to make a steak rose.

Sometimes we don't know what we're hungry for.

I was on the phone with a friend last week. He's the best chef you've never heard of. But that's only because he doesn't work in a kitchen professionally. He's in construction management.

I noticed he decided to fully own his craft in cooking. So I suggested he spend more time perfecting it.

Before you read more, remember this man hasn't spent one hour in a professional kitchen.

I think he has potential to be the best chef in America. If he wants to be.

You tell me.

Have you ever seen a steak in the shape of a rose? (!)

Have you ever seen a steak in the shape of a rose? (!)

He has potential for something. That's for sure.

But so do you. And so do I.

We're not limited by our potential. We're limited by our own decisions to not pursue more of our potential.

But let me make one thing clear:

You don't need to leave your job to pursue your potential.

You do need to consciously decide to take full ownership of who you are, though. Which means you need to know who you are.

Said differently, you need to be able to describe yourself without using any words you're used to saying around the office (or school). Stop with the acronyms and job descriptions!

Some of us have suppressed who we are for so long that we wouldn't know ourselves if we looked in the mirror. 

Somewhere along the way we got lost in the race called "getting ahead".

It's full of stuff, but not always filling. So it's easy to fill ourselves with things that don't give us joy.

I remember when drinking used to fill more of my time. Not that I was an alcoholic. But that was probably the bigger problem: that alcohol wasn't a problem.

It was just a quiet distraction.

Distractions are those things in our life that we go to when we don't know what to do with our free time.

They look different for everyone. TV, shopping, traveling, drinking, etc.

Whatever "escapism" looks like for you.

By the way, those things I mentioned aren't bad. It's how we use them that gives those things meaning. For good, or bad.

We have to be careful what "low hanging fruit" we eat when our minds are mush. It can prevent us from having the hunger we need to go find what we're truly hungry for. Like, a steak rose.

By the way, are you easily distracted? Join the club. The book club. I mean I have a book that would help you if you're in the easily distracted club.

This week I want to try something new.

There are so many smart people reading this message each week. I want us to tap into this network.

I've opened up the comments section for this post. I'm going to leave my book recommendation there.

Now, it's your turn.

The gift is with the giver.

Share one of your favorite book recommendations in the comments section (Title, Author, One-liner about the book).

Any topic is fine. The only rule is: it has to be one of your top five reads.

I'll collect and send out a full list to everyone.

Stay hungry this week.