You know what I love about Casey Neistat?

(Click the pic. fyi: language not work apprope)

(Click the pic. fyi: language not work apprope)

Casey Neistat has learned to let go.

Now, meet Matt the investment banker.

His parents never thought he could make it to Wall Street. His brother was supposed to be the "successful" one.

But those doubting voices motivate us...

Who got the job? Matt.

Who's making more money? Matt.

Who cares? NOT Matt.

But he's spent his whole life "doing what he can't", so he's PARALYZED at the thought of "DOING" anything else!

What SHOULD he DO? Shouldn't he DO WHAT HE LOVES? How do you even FIND what you LOVE? What is love? Baby don't hurt me...

By this point Matt had a total meltdown and he's currently in the fetal position under his desk.

The good news is LIFE'S NOT ABOUT DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. It's about LETTING GO of the IDEA that you NEED to "DO WHAT YOU CAN'T".

What do you have to prove? And to who?

There will ALWAYS be haters. They'll run your life if you let them. So don't let them.

How? Name them. Forgive them. And decide to love them for the motivation they once gave you.

The way I see it, Casey Neistat DOESN'T CREATE videos like these BECAUSE he's got SOMETHING to PROVE. MAYBE HE DID at one point in his life. BUT NOW he's just NOT AFRAID to LOSE. Or die...

Who's that one person that comes to mind when you think of the doubting voices in your head? Today's the day we're going to put THAT ONE VOICE to bed.