TJ is one of the most passionate and thoughtful leaders I’ve met. His messages are effective, clear and actionable.
— Mike, Associate at Goldman Sachs
If you’re looking to clarify your purpose, find greater balance in your life, or pause to be more mindful of how you live your life day by day, then I highly recommend speaking with TJ.
— Greg, Program Manager at Right to Play
Hands-on, straight forward and accessible frameworks, wrapped in love and delivered gracefully. For the first time I feel able to unwire and rewire, determined to setting myself free and willing to embrace who I am. After interacting with TJ there is no turning back. Thank God.
— Asa, Entrepreneur
Discovering purpose is man’s greatest need...undoubtedly, TJ will give you the framework to begin thinking about how to get that answer. As he said himself: not sure why we trust him, but we do.
— Steve, Associate at Goldman Sachs
I’ve had increasing awareness of my distractions recently, but it’s hard to break those long formed unhealthy patterns and habits. TJ really spelled out how these are holding me / us back so it was the slap in the face I needed to do something about them at last. I’ve reached the mindset point where I want a more fulfilling future — TJ embodies this, which I find inspiring, and it was so nice to be in a room full of people who all share this vision in some shape or form so you feel a sense of momentum; rather than the blockages / isolation that comes from trying to figure this out all on your own at your desk at home.
— Phil, Entrepreneur
One hour with TJ was more eye-opening and insightful than a lifetime of therapy. TJ helped to simplify what I had been struggling to vocalise for much of my life. He gave me food for thought, peace in myself and a feeling of fullness that I have never felt before.
— Megan, Operations Manager at Anya Hindmarch

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