TJ Loeffler is a Trusted Life Teacher &
Inspiring Keynote Speaker

TJ is one of the most passionate and thoughtful leaders I’ve met. His messages are effective, clear and actionable.
— Mike, Associate at Goldman Sachs
If you’re looking to clarify your purpose, find greater balance in your life, or pause to be more mindful of how you live your life day by day, then I highly recommend speaking with TJ.
— Greg, Program Manager at Right to Play
Wow! Speechless! Just had a 4 hour seminar with TJ. He is able to squeeze so much understanding into such a short time: why people feel lost, stuck, confused with “the now”, or confused with their future. He helped me work through major challenges in fear...and lack of confidence. It was a combination of his powerful mind with his positive spirit. And the very simple, yet dynamic frameworks he’s developed, plus his other tools. I’m extremely grateful for the divine encounter! What are you waiting for?
— Juliene, Elite Personal Fitness Business Owner
My mind is blown!
— Jared, Former NFL Wide Receiver
Hands-on, straight forward and accessible frameworks, wrapped in love and delivered gracefully. For the first time I feel able to unwire and rewire, determined to setting myself free and willing to embrace who I am. After interacting with TJ there is no turning back. Thank God.
— Asa, Entrepreneur
TJ is an incredible resource, and an even better person. I was extended an internship offer in New York to work in the private wealth management field this summer because of my character, not my competence, and TJ helped me realize that. I highly recommend TJ to anyone looking to jump start their career and/or pursue their potential. I guarantee you will begin to live more intentionally and take control of what you are called to do.
— Alec, Student at Virginia Tech
Life-changing insights and direction.
— Charles, Associate at Goldman Sachs

I definitely have more confidence and direction.
— Sasha, Independent Musician
Anyone considering an MBA needs to speak with TJ.
— Felipe, Analyst at SMBC
If you have any questions about your purpose in life, your value, or what next steps you need to take, you don’t want to miss TJ’s workshops. I came to the class with questions on top of questions, and within 4 hours he was able to quiet the noise around me and provide me with techniques and resources that I could leverage to bring clarity to the chaos around me. TJ Loeffler possesses the ability to dig deep and to connect in a meaningful manner with his audience. He exudes both charisma and genuineness. And, chances are, within the first 15 minutes of meeting him you will feel compelled and comfortable enough to share your life story with him.
— Chris, Contracts Administrator at BAE Systems
TJ is wise and well-spoken, sure—but his words are also strong and healthy. I’ve been through Welcome to Yourself and the 2-day intensive. In a time when society has made us “look better” but feel emptier, TJ is a breath of fresh air.
— RJ, Entrepreneur
One hour with TJ was more eye-opening and insightful than a lifetime of therapy. TJ helped to simplify what I had been struggling to vocalise for much of my life. He gave me food for thought, peace in myself and a feeling of fullness that I have never felt before.
— Megan, Operations Manager at Anya Hindmarch
One reason someone might want to go to one of TJ’s events? Freedom...TJ doesn’t merely speak in the abstract and get people pumped up and then they walk out with this excited feeling that fades. He provides frameworks that point to action. The paralyzing fear-action step one really stood out for me. It was amazing because it leads to...(wait for it)...freedom.
— Pete, Physics Teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools
TJ is an incredible thought leader, mentor, and friend. His guidance and knowledge has personally helped me! Highly recommend.
— Ashvin, Associate at Motive Partners
Discovering purpose is man’s greatest need...undoubtedly, TJ will give you the framework to begin thinking about how to get that answer. As he said himself: not sure why we trust him, but we do.
— Steve, Associate at Goldman Sachs
I’ve referred to TJ as my business coach, but elaborate that he doesn’t just teach tactics, but also helps me align my services and message with my identity, passion, and purpose.
— Rob, Personal Fitness Business Owner
I’ve had increasing awareness of my distractions recently, but it’s hard to break those long formed unhealthy patterns and habits. TJ really spelled out how these are holding me / us back so it was the slap in the face I needed to do something about them at last. I’ve reached the mindset point where I want a more fulfilling future — TJ embodies this, which I find inspiring, and it was so nice to be in a room full of people who all share this vision in some shape or form so you feel a sense of momentum; rather than the blockages / isolation that comes from trying to figure this out all on your own at your desk at home.
— Phil, Entrepreneur
Whenever I see someone doing something I admire, I look for their flaws and tell myself they’re a hack so I can rationalize why I’m not having similar success or effect on people... At first I was skeptical but found TJ to be awesome, inspiring, and sincerely gifted.
— Ben, Health Coach at CrossFit NYC
TJ doesn’t feed you with hokey tips and tricks on how to live authentically — he brings you through a journey of self-discovery, helps you understand the notable moments of your life (good, bad, past and present) and helps you piece it together in a way that bridges the gap between who you think you should be and who you truly are. He leads you to value, respect and admire even the you that you oftentimes feel doesn’t align with the ways of the world. And you realize that all along, tucked in between your life’s struggles and unique gifts is where your inner brilliance is hidden. That crystal clear moment finally arrives and you do exactly what unequivocally feels is the only step you can take - unleash it.

And it is from that safe space where I’m finding the courage day in and day out to live out the best version of myself — the me I was always uniquely designed to be.
— Anne, Vice President at Oscar Health
TJ is remarkably positive, compassionate, and insightful. He leads you to self-discovery and is a gifted facilitator. He asks the right questions of you - often tough questions - and does not shy away from or reach for an easy or quick fix. Work with him, stay focused and engaged, and you WILL benefit tremendously.
— Steve, Attorney at Shook, Hardy & Bacon
Wise beyond his years! To say that TJ is an incredible mentor and coach is an understatement! Like many, I was caught up in the daily grind of climbing the corporate later, reaching great success in my career, yet not feeling 100% fulfilled in life. Signing up for TJ’s Live your Legacy bootcamp was single-handedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. TJ provided me with a practical framework with attainable steps/actions to take that have pushed me to go deep, discover my purpose and lead more boldly in my life and my career. I have attended several leadership seminars and heard many people talk on fulfillment and purpose but nothing has come close to impacting me like my time with TJ. He asks the right questions, challenges you to think outside of the box and has a genuine interest in helping you to achieve your best self. He exudes positive energy and I am certain that he is going to positively impact the lives of so many! My time with TJ has been life changing and I would highly recommend his workshops, bootcamps and seminars to anyone and everyone! Thanks TJ!
— Stacie, Manager at Ernst & Young

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