About boundaries

I mean fences, not walls.

They still protect you.

Do you have any?

Do you have indecision? You get anxiety after making a choices.

Do you have shame? Some decisions leave you out of sync with your true self.

Hit pause and revisit your core values. Then prioritize them.

Position yourself to be ready for responsibility.

Position yourself to be ready for decision.

What are your top 4 core values? List them.

When your boss e-mails you to ask for work at 12AM...

When someone outside your inner circles wants more of your time...

...do you have to submit? What kind of message do you want to send?

It's not "reliable", or "generous". It's people pleasing. And disrespectful. To yourself.

So while you shouldn't dismiss your responsibility, you should set limits on others' inability.

You'll teach people how to treat you.

Boundaries. They set you free.