About frame shopping

A man walks into an art professor's home.

Colorful, beautiful paintings are hung in every room.

But only one catches his eye.

He asks:

“What do you see in this particular piece? The others show life and splendor through color and people. But this --- this painting shows a cigarette butt on a black velvet couch. It feels so dark…and lifeless. Is there historical significance? Or did you just want to add a different piece to your collection?”

She replies:

“Ah, yes! I always show this one to my class. I love it! It’s not about the picture. It’s about the frame. You see the detail in the elaborate gold frame around it? That’s what makes it so beautiful. Sometimes we don’t have a great picture, so we need a better frame!”

How true.

Your frame is your perspective. And it’s the lens through which you perceive your picture of the world.

Your father has cancer. Your bank account has no money. Your career has no direction.

Your response will depend on what you choose to see.

You have hope for healing. You have hunger for possibility. You have an empty page to dream.

Easier said than done, right?

Not really.

We are what we eat.

And we eat with more than our mouths.

So we need to pay attention to what we’re being fed.

If I want my body to look better, then I need to eat better. And sometimes that means I need to educate myself on the right foods for me. Sometimes I need to try different diets.

Our minds are no different. We need better nutrition to have a better outlook. To have a better frame.

Keep the feeds, texts, videos, music, podcasts, e-mails, and conversations more positive. And, remember, what we pour in is what we’ll pour out.

It’s certain we’ll paint many pictures to tell our life story.

Sometimes we’ll find ourselves with bright, beautiful colors on our pallet.

Other times we’ll be limited by circumstances out of our control. So the picture may look a bit bleak.

It’s in those seasons we don’t need to press into our painting skills.

It’s in those seasons we should go frame shopping, instead.

I know some of you were frame shopping, getting fresh perspective on life, at our live event in NYC last week. I'm glad you made it. We have some beautiful photos, thanks to Traditional Pattern. For those who didn't make it, our next stop is Washington, D.C. So, stay tuned.