About Haiti

Disaster. Sickness. Poverty. Sorrow.

*Can the broken be restored?*

Belief is a choice. So you choose. Your choice is your reality.

I don't want to live in a reality of unbelief. That's a reality without hope.

So I change my words to change my mind.

*The broken can be restored.*

That's how we pursue the positive. And the world needs more positive.

Haiti is often associated with negative language. Hunger, poverty, disease, etc. That may be the Haiti you know. If you don't know.

But Haiti is so rich. In spirit. And strength. There are young leaders thirsty for change. Hopeful for things they've never seen.

I'm on a team that's been working in Haiti since 2010, launching BATI School. It's a K-12 school in the rural southwest part of the country. The entire project has been privately funded by the team, their families, and their friends. It's not sustainable that way. So two years ago we decided to create a business to finance school. And help revive a thirsty community. In a sustainable way.

We've been making progress, slowly. Forging school partnerships, and raising fresh capital for the business so we can get kids in the classrooms.

Then, Hurricane Matthew.

We lost connection to everyone. And the coastal towns of Tiburon and Les Anglais, two of our satellite locations with co-operatives, were in direct line of fire.

We've now heard from our team in the town of Miragone, where we have our school campus and farm. We're grateful they're safe, but the damage is severe.

Current estimated losses are $100k, and counting.

We could choose to be discouraged. Or not.

Instead, we're humbled. And hopeful. Because the broken can be restored.

We're committed to this opportunity to raise awareness for this community. For renewed support. So we can leap frog the progress we'd been making. For your part, I'll ask you to show support in whatever way you know how. Through a donation, a share, or prayer. Pursue the positive with us. And learn more here: http://relief.batischool.org/