About healing

Do you remember the last time you accidentally cut yourself?

It happened so quick. And effortlessly.

First you saw it, then you felt it.

The next day you really felt it.

And it left a mark. A scar.

It's surprising we don't have more scars.

Or, do we?

There are many sharp edges in the routine of your daily life. You can't touch them. Or see them. But you can feel them.

We live and die by our tongues.

Our words, like knives, can cut deep.

But our words, unlike knives, can also heal.

We speak, on average, forty pages worth of words each day. That means an average 30 year old might have written a 438,000 page book.

How would your book read?

If you saw your friend's wounded hand, you'd take measures to make sure it can properly heal.

If you saw your friend's wounded heart, you'd wonder how it got that way in the first place. That is, if you saw your friend's heart had a wound in the first place.

Hands can heal. But so can words.

So while writing your book today, how will you speak healing words?