About heartache

The doctor says, "You have cancer."

She says, "I can't be with you."

But what say you?

You don't have a say.

Not in some matters of your life.

Though you did your best.

You once had control.

Until you didn't.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the pain of heartache. The kind we didn't ask for.

Like a gift, it's just handed to us.

And like some gifts, we just want to send it back with the receipt.

But don't let the wrapping fool you. It's just warped by the brokenness of the world.

Have faith. Have hope for things yet to come. Like a new gift. One that's restored.

Resilience. You can find the good to persevere through the bad.

Because you know bad things are just good things gone bad.

C.S. Lewis said good things in excess, or pursued in the wrong way, will quickly turn bad.

Cancer is only possible because you have trillions of cells which give you the gift of life in the first place. But those good cells divided, in excess, to form a disease.

A broken heart is only possible because you have a heart which gives you the ability to love in the first place. But you pursued her heart in the wrong way. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe that was someone else.

So what say you next time you're handed heartache? The kind beyond your control.

You'll still have no say. But you can always pray. Ask earnestly. What, not why.

The world is broken but not hopeless.

Not if you believe in the good. God.