About how to make more money

I can’t put an exact number on it, but it’s likely I made between $100k - $200k more than I might have otherwise. Because of him. Because of them.

That was before I went broke.

Remember, your growth happens with a change in mind. And that doesn’t always require a change in time.

But what better time to have a refreshed state of mind?

Here we are. It’s the new year.

Let’s trim the fat.

You know what I mean. I’m not talking about your diet. I’m talking about what you eat with your eyes. And your ears.

More specifically, I’m talking about the people you let speak into your life.

Who is on your short list?

Said differently, who will take risk on your behalf, with nothing to gain?

Those are the people on your short list.

Before I left Goldman I remember a good friend of mine, and former boss, walked into the partner’s office on my behalf. He said to them, “You need to do right by TJ. It’s only right. TJ’s done right by us.”

That was just one example. But I’ve had maybe two or three more experiences like that. With people I trust. With people on my short list. And it’s made me money.

More importantly, it’s made me relationships that last.

Here’s two take-aways:

1. Who you are will take you further than what you do. Integrity > Strategy, under pressure. Always. Always. Always. The only reason someone was willing to take career risk, with nothing to gain, was because of the relationship we had developed. The trust we had established. What’s the secret? Vulnerability.

2. You need a short list. These are the 3-5 people you can trust to grab you by the neck during your darkest hours. With no judgement. They don't play a game of fairness. They don’t go for “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” That’s destined for failure. We’re human. Thus, not perfect. I won’t always be able to perform for you. The people on your short list aren’t sharks looking to make money off of you. But you do add value to their life. They’re graceful, powerful leaders. With influence. With integrity. They’re the kind of people that will insist you take a personal loan from them, with no expectation of returns, because they believe in you (not what you do). Despite the fact that you’ve gone utterly broke. :-)

Speaking of broke. Is something in your life broken? Good, me too.

But, if you’re near D.C. next weekend (Saturday, January 14th @ 10AM), then you should stop by to get some tools to start repairs.

We'll be in town for the next stop on the now international speaking series we’ve started called Welcome to Yourself. Would be good to see you there. You might catch a few fan favorites, if you’re a D.C. sports fan. More details here.