About ice cream

And toppings.

A scoop of chocolate, or pistachio?

A dash of sprinkles, or sour cherries?

Some things in life are meant to be foundational. While others are meant to add excitement.

But we need to be weary when we start to replace our foundation with our excitement.

Have you ever quickly fallen in love? Only to quickly realize you weren't in love at all?

Whether it's chocolate or vanilla, just keep it simple. Let toppings do their work.

You know what I mean. Toppings are supposed to add extra. Not replace core.

It's the same with your emotions. They're additional. Not core.

When your emotion becomes core, you become unsteady.

When your mind becomes core, you become unwavering.

Your mind leads your heart.

So don't follow your heart.

Follow your faith.

Follow what you know to be true.

Because your heart can be deceitful.