About insecurity

High performers and overachievers beware.

This may apply to you. I mean me.

I’ve experienced this reality.

How insecure are we?

Insecurity breeds a desire for certainty.

We want control. We want to dominate. So we say we’re “driven by performance”.

But, truthfully, we want belonging. We want to relate. So I say we’re “driven by conformance”.

At work. At home. We fight the tension between expressing ourselves and wanting to fit in.

At what point do we lose our own dreams? And opinions? And identity?

At what point do we just give in?

They say, “TJ, you ask aggressive questions!”

I say, “Aggressive? Or, honest? I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t love you. So think of them as suggestions.”

Here’s one (or three): What area of your life are you over-invested in? Who is losing out? And who do you need to let in?


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