About interior design

Everyone wants an interior designer.

When was the last time you had to buy furniture for your home?

Did you know the couch you wanted? Or did you just show up at the store to see what they had?

In either case, you needed affirmation that you were making the right choice.

Maybe you didn't need it. But you wanted it.

"Yes, that's the couch for YOU."

But we get into muddy waters when we let the salesman be our interior designer.

The salesman wants your money. The interior designer wants your satisfaction.

One is motivated to close the deal. The other is motivated to open your mind.

Can't relate?

I get it.

We don't buy couches that often.

But we do make decisions. And we do seek affirmation when making big decisions. Especially when making bold decisions. The kind that may be different than those we've made in the past.

It's at these turning points that the right counsel, not just good counsel, is so important.

So who's your interior designer? And who's your salesman?