About setting myself on fire

I'd rather live on fire than live on ice.

Wouldn't you?

Being "chill" is no longer cool.

That's the awakening I had: What was comfortable for "them" made me uncomfortable within.

So now there's a new setting on my appearance management tools: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

It's no longer "the life I want you to 'like'". It's, instead, "the life that brings a match to strike".

Because I can't live if I'm not lighting a flame. And this life is about my fire. It's not about my fame.

I'm an introvert, you know. I just want to make that clear. Because personality is different from passion. And your true passion has no fear.

Now, take a moment. Use a pen. And give your biggest passions their names.

Don't judge what comes. And be open-minded. Because they're only yours to claim.


Here's your challenge: Write down your top five passions.

Passion + Skills + Demand = Purpose

Your passions are one of three elements to your purpose. It's vital to name them, know them, and accept them, if you want to live a life to its fullest.

What are some clues?

Your passions will give you powerful, compelling, and almost uncontrollable enthusiasm. That can look different for different people. For some, enthusiasm might translate to a specific topic of choice that you would carry into any conversation. For others, enthusiasm might translate to hours of voluntary learning about a subject. Look for broad themes, and use the words, "Anything related to _____" (see my examples below).

Most importantly, your passions have nothing to do with what anyone else thinks of them. They're yours. Own them.

I'll get you started with my top five.

They're not my hobbies.

They're not my fads.

They're the fuel to my flame.

They're anything related to:
1. Growing my faith
2. Bringing ideas to life
3. Furthering positive change
4. Empowering you to succeed
5. Helping you achieve breakthrough

We're now one week away. If you haven't already, make sure you get your ticket to our upcoming event in NYC. You have nothing to bring, except your appetite. Come hungry.

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