About the deep blue sea

I want to be known.

You want to be known.

But you stay isolated. Even when you're around other people.

Do they know who you are?

Would they care to know who you are?

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

But you're too busy. You don't hav--- no, make time.

Productivity and efficiency kill intimacy.

Create space and time to be intimate.

Intimacy is the only way deeper.

But you don't want to go deeper. It's too dark.

Like the bottom of the ocean, it's often uncharted waters.

Good thing you carry a light. Good thing you are a light.

Do you remember how to use it? To be it?

Smile. Say hello. How are you?

Not "How are you." But "How are you?"

Go deeper. Turn on the light. Take a look around. You might find the treasure you've been looking for. 

Hint: It's right in front of you. On the ocean floor.