About your craft

You have at least one craft. Maybe two.

People might tell you your craft isn't "legitimate". That you can't use it to make money. Which may be true.

But when you listen to them you risk minimizing your craft to "just a hobby". Or dropping something you love to do.

So before you decide, just answer these three questions. From me, to you:

1. Do YOU COME ALIVE when you're working on that craft?

2. Is that craft one of your unique giftings OTHERS TELL YOU you're good at?

3. Can that craft DO GOOD for others?

If yes to all three, then I'd consider it as a part of who you're designed to be.

Said differently, I'd consider it the main focus of your ambition professionally.

Maybe you just need to look at it through a new pair of glasses, a new perspective, to see.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. Travel safely, and love well.