IdentifY PrioritieS & GOALS

Sometimes we're blind to our own realities. An outside perspective can empower you to identify barriers and opportunities that may be hiding in your blindspots.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Building your best life can be a lonely journey—one that's easy to put on the back burner. Join the community and curate a support system that keeps you focused.

SEE Sustainable Change in Your Life

When you tackle your biggest barriers first, you see transformation—fast. Continue building on that foundation and positive change becomes a constant.

Are you struggling with your purpose in life and looking for the reason God put you on this Earth?

Are you feeling "off" but can't identify what's holding you back?

Do you long for a good night's rest—to actually have sufficient energy for the day?

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The Process Of Transformation


Society tells us to be and do certain things. These ideas are deeply ingrained. To find your best life—not what outside forces tell you is best—requires a shift in mindset, priorities, and habits.

In this process of transformation—you’ll focus on making the most meaningful shifts, not finding a silver bullet.

  1. Awareness

You can't overcome your barriers until you know they exist. The external problem is often hiding the internal conflict.

We first focus on identifying where your biggest challenges and opportunities are hidden.

2. Acceptance

Asking for help is hard. Admitting your weakness is even harder, until you realize it's where you find your strength.

Once you open up to possibility, you’ll be ready to experience changes you never expected.

3. Action

No one can do the work for you.

In the end, your success is dependent upon your commitment to yourself.

4. Accountability

While you're the one who has to put in the work, you don't have to do it alone. Another word for accountability is community.

You'll have support at every step in your journey.


 Start Your Transformation

Everyone learns and works in a different way. Choose from a hands-off, do-it-yourself approach; a more hands-on, one-on-one experience; or events, seminars, and other group experiences.

Back to Basics Audio Course

  • Learn the 6 pillars of basic health
  • Join the support community
  • Identify your weakest pillar
  • Shift to your success mindset
  • Experience quick wins immediately

6-Week Bootcamp

  • Dive deep into your barriers
  • Form better, healthier habits
  • Turn your thoughts into action
  • Receive personal guidance from TJ
  • Access the private community

One-on-One Coaching

  • Get transformational coaching
  • Receive holistic, personal attention
  • Develop actionable strategies
  • Create goals you can achieve
  • See positive, sustainable change

In-person Speaking & Training
Join a live event or invite TJ to speak at your event or business.
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