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Break patterns and begin a new journey based on your God-given identity, purpose and priorities in as little as 8 weeks. Established in 2017, this program includes a structured online curriculum, weekly live coaching calls with TJ, individual touch points with ongoing chat support, and exclusive access to a private network of like-minded who are each on the journey of growing their income, impact and freedom to advance the Kingdom.

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Bring Your Life Into Alignment & Build From A New Foundation

"Hands down one of the best decisions I've made."

- Jacob

“I’ve done the counseling, inner-healing, coaching, etc. They’re good but they didn’t really work. What this program offers is so unique — I’ve never seen anything else like it. And the results have already paid off five or ten decisions I’ve made. A lot of people in this space are winging it. But [TJ and his team] have got this down to a process.”

- Johnmark

“If you have internal questions that you can’t seem to figure out how to answer on your own, TJ is your guy. Working with TJ has been one of the best investment decisions I’ve ever made.”

- Anne

"So freeing! Very sincerely I say this program is the first time in my life I've been able to put it all out there and not feel judged, less than, criticized...or even just told what I 'wanted to hear'."

- Lin

“My work with TJ has been so multifaceted over the last couple years. When I first contacted him I thought I wanted to simply better position myself for a career that aligned with more purpose. But I quickly learned there was a lot more that needed to be addressed beneath the surface...starting with my health, peace and confidence.”

- Reid

“This changed my life tremendously. Thank you for your coaching.”

- Tony

"Deep healing that created action and confidence...this bootcamp changed my life."

- Melissa

"If you are looking for best-in-class life coaching from a Jesus-led perspective, this is it."

- Jena

"It's like 18 years worth of maturing in less than a month."

- Iggy

"There are 3 things that have had a huge impact on my life...and number one is this program...[TJ and his team] have pointed and continue to point me to Jesus. I started working with TJ by signing up for the bootcamp in 2019...and I'm still working with him over 3 years later."

- Adelaide

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This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Have the gift of 'too many options' and even feel guilty about or disconnected from what others would say is a ‘great life’ of privilege and accomplishment

  • Have spent most of your life living without boundaries, and it's now costing your health, peace and relationships

  • Know God is a Father but still struggle to believe and behave as though He wants what's best for you

  • Experience more fear than freedom when making important decisions in career, relationships and money

  • Desire to be more present, proactive and purposeful but feel stuck or stagnant because you've lost or never had the established trust and healthy environment to really hear from God with accountability to take action

Libby Had Success Others Dreamed About But Lacked Peace & Felt Empty...She Now Uses Her Platform As A Top Real Estate Agent To Boldly Share Her Authentic Faith Journey

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Blair Took A Leave Of Absence From Management In Finance And Used Bootcamp To Go From Cloudy To Clarity Personally, Professionally & Spiritually

decided to apply for bootcamp because he was at a major turning point in his life. Personal, professional and spiritual issues were all colliding at once. And he'd just decided to take a leave of absence from his management position in finance.


"My mind felt clouded as I was trying to navigate next steps while suffering from burnout and trying to heal emotionally. Obviously the bootcamp was great and too much to go into in a single message, but developing healthy rhythms, identifying my performance mindset and how it relates to my perception of acceptance, and allowing myself to truly receive grace from the HS were key breakthroughs that allowed me to gain clarity in a very uncertain season of my life."


"At the end of bootcamp, TJ and I had a call to identify the requirements for my next career: schedule flexibility, influence within the culture, financial opportunity, and creative freedom. I discovered that potential by first opening my mind to it...and then making a pivot into financial planning. Throughout the last year I’ve been able to reconnect with several people and have the flexibility to share my faith during the process. The new career path has been challenging, but I know it will be rewarding long-term."


"Also…I’ll be marrying the love of my life in September.
So thankful for God’s provision and amazed at how He has been at work throughout my life."

Abigail Was Hungry For Change So She Could Pursue Her Calling Using Her Wealth And Business For More Ministry...Here’s Why She Did Bootcamp Twice

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Hannah Was A Top Sales Performer But Realized She Had Been A 'Slave To Money'...Until One Encounter Moment Helped Her Break Free

Hannah spent about 10 years in corporate America, rising the ranks in sales, making a lot of money and wealth for herself along the way. Although 'successful', she knew she had more potential...and she wasn't truly fulfilled.


When we first got connected she said God had been after her heart. She was really growing spiritually and getting involved with her church. But she couldn't escape the fact that she was feeling burned out and still missing something. Purpose...direction...clarity...answers.


"It was the beginning of 2019 and I just had a moment where I realized...I need to make a change. There's so much more and I know God has made me for so much more than this. I was so grateful for all the opportunities in my life but I knew there was a shift happening."


"Then a friend invited me to a living room tour where TJ was speaking. With everything he said that day I remember thinking, 'Yes. Yes. Yes.' TJ's journey aligned with so much of what I had been experiencing. So when I joined the bootcamp...just the commitment to the process itself was a big pivotal moment in my life...because I started to think, 'I can change. I can be different.' That was a big thing for me because - though I was doing well for myself - I needed to realize I had a 'lack' mentality. Even though finances weren't really a question, I was still limited in my decisions because of how tightly I was holding on to money..."


"In the first week of the bootcamp I was on the phone with TJ to get guidance about whether or not I would take a promotion with a new company...I remember having this vision of pushing a pot of gold over to God...and in return He gave me back this set pair of handcuffs. I finally realized I'd been a slave to money and that was a big part of the problem."


After Hannah experienced that encounter moment of freedom, she was able to confidently turn down the promotion opportunity (multiple actually) and begin executing her exit plan.


Years later her life looks a bit unconventional, and nothing like the corporate identity she'd lived with for so long. But, as a missional entrepreneur, she's now more aligned than she's ever been. That doesn't mean she doesn't face challenges. But she now faces them with more peace and freedom...and she's doing things she never thought of doing (World Race, living part time in Costa Rica, seeing others encounter Jesus, developing a lifestyle of being healthy, and navigating a new life personally and professionally)...following God's lead and truly living a life that's genuinely fulfilling.

Daniel Was Climbing Corporate As A Successful Consultant But He Knew Something Was Missing...And Now Says This Was 'One Of The Most Important Things I've Done In My Life'

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Johnmark Had Left Ministry To Build A Successful Real Estate Business But Came To Bootcamp To Re-Discover Purpose...He Thought This Holy Spirit-Led, Holistic, No-Nonsense Approach Sounded Too Good To Be True

This Is Exactly What I'm Looking For

Elizabeth Enjoyed Her Work But Was Tired Of Putting Up A Front...She Wanted More Confidence In Her Authentic God-Given Identity & How To Live A Life She Didn't Want A Vacation From


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