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Go deep with practical teaching that helps you get to the root of the change. Rather than offering these at a pre-set price, you can access each recording by simply "giving any gift" (whatever amount). Complete your gift then look for the private link and password. Thanks for being part of our generous community.

4 Steps To Clarity

2 Hours

  • Learn a step-by-step process of how to go from confusion to clarity when you encounter loss, inner conflict, transition, the need for direction in the wilderness season
  • Hear personal stories that will help you clear the noise 
  • Leave with confidence about your true next step and needs
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Purpose Workshop

1.25 Hours

  • Make purpose personal and practical as you learn four keys to navigating one of life's most challenging questions
  • Get a Biblical foundation with frameworks you can use to go deeper into your giftings and passions
  • Shift your mindset to help you identify your true priorities
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How To Navigate Career vs. Calling

1.25 Hours

  • Gain more clarity and discernment with keys to your prayer life
  • Discover common myths and surprising truths that most people don't see when they're trying to align themselves with a greater calling
  • Hear a Biblical perspective with personal examples and practical questions
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7 Principles Of Money (Pt. 1)

2.5 Hours

  • Go beyond math and budgeting as you get to the root, seek God's voice and change your paradigm about money
  • Learn Biblical principles and frameworks you can apply immediately
  • Renew your mindset around expense management and how to activate more wealth creation
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3 More Principles Of Money (Pt. 2)

1.5 Hours

  • Receive wisdom from years of sales and entrepreneurship that allowed me to do things like eliminate $100k+ in debt in less than 6 months
  • Shift your money paradigm with real life examples for financial goal setting *with Holy Spirit
  • Gain more control over your finances right now
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How To Start & Grow Your Spirit-Led Coaching Business (Q&A)

1.5 Hours

  • Grow confidence and discover how to practically adopt a new mindset as a coach
  • Learn how to time the transition from 9-5 to going full-time
  • Clarify the 5-step sales process, how to price with revenue targets, and what business model is right for you (vs. what the world wants to sell you)
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What Others Are Saying


"Great class today TJ!  Always great wisdom based on solid principles."


"Every single word of your talk spoke to me & confirmed what God has been saying to me as of recent...I wish you could have witnessed the effect that teaching had on my spirit and all the confirmation it provided..."


"This was so helpful and super practical."

Who Is TJ Loeffler?

Somewhere between a leadership/business guy, Holy Spirit-filled pastor, health coach & life counsel/coach/consultant is where I'd land.

After leaving Wall Street to find me, I spent the last ~7 years doing one-on-one and group coaching...personally guiding hundreds of others who've had their awakening and are on a similar journey of healing, changing and growing.

The Lord has led me into this career/calling serving others through speaking and private coaching. Unlike most coaches, I don't rely on a certificate. Despite having lived a relatively short life at just 34 years-old, I feel a bit like Joseph or Job...being made into the man I am with perseverance through humbling loss, grief, suffering and healing. Much of what you'll hear comes from first-hand experiences across my faith, health, relationships, career and money. This is not surface-level teaching.

Contact with any questions about accessing the trainings: [email protected]