“So, how long have you been a ‘life coach’?”

“Thirty years.”

“Oh…Wait…How old are you?”

“[Smiling] Thirty.”

Coaching, speaking, advising, mentoring, motivating, empowering, launching, leading. It’s always been in me. But I lacked the belief that there was a path for me professionally. And if I’m really honest, I lacked belief in me.

Looking back I can see how I’ve always had the heart and gifts to lead people into more of their potential. Whether it was on the field, in the classroom, or even on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs.

Rewind the tapes to June 2015. Unbeknownst to me, I had just entered what I call “the wilderness” season of my life. Having just turned down a promotion for a job that promised more money, prestige, power and status, I was now on the road to nowhere. I didn’t have a plan. All I knew is I wanted more purpose. Or so I thought.

One or two re-locations, a new car purchase (and recall), a few start-up ideas, and six-digits worth of life savings later, I still couldn’t find whatever I was looking for. It wasn’t until my dad was diagnosed with stage-four cancer that I finally decided it was time to take a deep look within me to see what God sees.

Coming into 2017, as I launched my first seminar called Welcome to Yourself, I felt like I’d finally found the right path for me. But over time, through my own personal growth and maturity, I realized “the right path” is actually a mentality.


I believe sustainable change starts from the inside out. I’m now happily married, doing what I love, and grateful for all the experiences that have shaped the man I’ve become. Which includes the time I spent a month in Italy to learn how to bake bread and make pizza in a 3rd generation bakery.

I’m put on this earth to see people live their life to its fullest. Each day we have a choice to become the person we’re made to be. That’s how we live our legacy.