I Wanted Success With A Purpose

This story starts in June 2015 after turning down a promotion at Goldman Sachs (without a plan), attempting several failed start-up ideas, going financially broke and being emotionally broken after wasting the last of the $500,000+ I'd worked hard to earn, all in the midst of a personal crisis as we lost my father to cancer...

By the grace of God, this journey through adversity has given me the courage to embrace the best of me. I see my story as a platform, not a prison. Despite several seasons of loss, I’ve gained more peace, joy, freedom and fulfillment than ever before. Today I'm on a mission to stay committed to my growth personally, while empowering others live in their authority...

My vision is to see a new generation of seekers, leaders and influencers fearlessly leading others through the lives they lead themselves.

TJ Loeffler

Who You Are Will Take You Further Than What You Do

Each of us was made to make a difference. And you're no different. But the problem is many of us have become so focused on performance that we've lost sight on how we're uniquely made for a purpose.

My purpose is to bring out the difference-maker in you...

While I was born and raised in Virginia, I now call New York City my home. Before speaking and coaching I was on a trading floor in foreign exchange sales. But in 2015 I decided to leave Goldman Sachs to begin a deeper search for purpose in life.

It took me several failed business ideas, going broke, and tragic loss to find the right path for me (actually, the "path" is a mentality). Now I'm using my experiences to help people discover how they can develop the right mindset, strategy, and tactics to build a life they're meant to lead.

Genuine, passionate, thoughtful, curious, empathetic, entrepreneurial, resourceful, and committed to improving myself for the sake of benefiting others. I work hard, and my hope is that my life can represent an ounce of God's love for us in this world.

Separately, in another chapter of my story, for several years I've been a part of a team that's building a sustainable education model in Haiti. I'd be glad for you to learn more about the work and how you can help create opportunities and jobs in the surrounding community.