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We can't sustain surface-level change. We have to bring alignment to our spirit, soul and body.


Rewind the tapes to June 2015.

Unbeknownst to me, I had just entered what I call “the wilderness” season. Having just turned down a promotion for a job that promised more money, prestige, power and status, I was now on the road to nowhere. I didn’t have a plan. All I knew is I wanted more purpose. Or so I thought.

After a couple re-locations, a new car purchase, a few start-up ideas, and six-digits worth of life savings now gone, I still couldn’t find whatever I was looking for. It wasn’t until my dad was diagnosed with stage-four cancer that I finally decided it was time to take responsibility for my life by surrendering it to Jesus. But this process took time.

By the end of 2016 I came to the realization that I was tired of striving to meet other people’s expectations for me. At the same time, I felt the growing need to respond to God’s calling. And though I was still thinking I needed more money, God used this time to begin giving me wisdom and healing. On December 10th, 2016, I launched my first seminar called Welcome to Yourself — and I finally found hope that there was a path made for me. But over time, through my own the process of healing, changing and growing, I realized “the right path” is actually a mentality.

Sustainable change began from the inside-out.

As I engaged in my own growth journey — hiring help with money I didn’t have while working to create a new mindset and lifestyle of living in God’s presence — I started to see how I could live a life of peace. But I had to re-learn a few things about what it means to be healthy and free. I also had to learn that impact comes before money. And it all starts with learning how to receive unconditionally.

Over time God began to show me that who you are takes you further than what you do.

Looking back I can see how I’ve always had the heart and gifts to lead people into more of their potential. Whether it was on the field, in the classroom, or even on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs.

Coaching, speaking, advising, mentoring, motivating, empowering, launching, leading. It’s always been in me. But I lacked the belief that there was a path that aligned with who God has made me to be. And if I’m really honest, I lacked belief in me.

Today when I get the question: “So, how long have you been a ‘life coach’?”

Me: "Thirty-three years..."

Them: “Oh…wait…How old are you?”

Me: [Smiling]

A new life took me on a new trajectory, creating an opportunity to help others through Jesus-led life coaching.

I’m put on this earth to help people activate their God-given potential and live their life to its fullest. Changing the world starts with changing yourself. Each day we have a choice to become the person we’re made to be. And I believe that's how we live and leave a new legacy.


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