From A Personal Breakdown To A Purpose & Calling


In search of security and significance but blinded by the pursuit of worldly success and accomplishment...

TJ was about three years into his job at Goldman Sachs. On paper he was a success. But inside he was a wreck. He was tired of being tired‚ÄĒattributing many of his problems to the pursuit of success¬†based on others' expectations.


He desperately wanted to live a life of more meaning and purpose. And one that was authentic to him. But he slowly realized that as long as he was using control as a strategy and money as security, he would never be satisfied with his life or legacy.


In 2015, when presented with a promotion, the Lord gave him peace to leave. He knew if took the promotion that it would lead down the path of almost certain self-destruction. So while he trusted God for a better life, his next steps were still uncertain.


Within twelve months - after a couple re-locations, a new car purchase & sale, a few start-up ideas, and six-digits worth of life savings down the drain - he was now broke and broken. Meanwhile, around the same time, his dad was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. It was a devastating blow. But God used this first breakdown to bring a major breakthrough.


Despite¬†still being¬†focused on the practical needs to find a career path and make more money, God began to give TJ what he actually needed‚ÄĒhealing.


On December 10th, 2016, he launched his first seminar called Welcome to Yourself ‚ÄĒ and finally found hope that there was a career path aligned with his true identity. But over time, through his own process of healing, changing and growing, he realized ‚Äúthe right path‚ÄĚ is actually a mentality.


Over the next several years, with money he didn't have, TJ invested in himself (counseling, personal training, working with registered dietitians, business coaching and more). During that same time, Jesus delivered him from rage, broke off generational sin, brought inner healing stemming from adoption, physically encountered him with electricity through his body, increased the prophetic and other giftings, and heightened his sensitivity to hear God's voice...among other things. Through a renewed mind and a pure heart, with practical disciplines, TJ began to learn a lifestyle of living in God’s presence. Through multiple points of surrender, he began to see how he could live a life of peace. But he also had to re-learn a few things about what it means to be healthy and free. He had to learn that impact comes before money. And how it all starts with learning how to receive.


Coaching, speaking, advising, mentoring, motivating, empowering, launching, leading. It’s always been in him. But submitting to God and fully trusting Him was the first and most important missing ingredient.


TJ found a new life, purpose, and calling...

While coaching has become one expression of his purpose and calling, TJ wouldn't say he has a true passion for coaching. It has come with many costly challenges. But TJ still pursues coaching because it's where the Lord is leading Him, it allows him personal freedom, he gets to make an significant impact, and he genuinely finds fulfillment in it.


People often hears people say "purpose" is their problem. But perspective is normally the core issue.


When put in the right environment with simple solutions reinforced over time, God's principles can renew your mind.¬†Your new¬†beliefs lead to new behaviors. And your new behaviors create a new legacy. But it all starts with healing, changing and growing. It's inside-out transformation‚ÄĒspiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The¬†root of change begins with the whole person‚ÄĒspirit, soul and body. That's how¬†you change¬†who you're becoming.


Since 2016, TJ has gone from coaching anyone who would sit down on his couch at his apartment in New York now having spent 8+ years and more than 15,000+ hours in powerful coaching conversations that have led to hundreds of transformation stories.


What started as a personal breakdown transformed into a personal calling.


Changing the world starts with changing yourself. And each day we have a choice to become the person God has made us to be. That's how we can change our trajectory. That's how we can live our legacy.